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How Do Dinosaurs Go To School

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I adore the entire Dinosaurs series of book for young children. Teaching manners and behavior in compare and contrasting ways, while incorporating humor and high interest characters! Gasp ! You mean kids might actually like learning how to behave with these books?

Jane Yolen does a great job of rhyming words and providing a rhythmic patterns of words. Mark Teague is truly a gifted artist. His dinosaurs are full of expressions. His comparative illustrations of dinosaur “kids” and human “adults” makes me laugh on each page.

This particular book talks about appropriate and inappropriate behavior in school. I was especially interested in this subject as my son will be entering Kindergarten in the fall. Most of the vocabulary is simple, but there are some higher level words that are good for receptive language learning.

Speech Therapy Ideas:

1. Practice saying multisyllabic words. Di-no-saur is a great word to start with. Clap the words. How many syllables. Practice saying the /s/ in the middle of the word (this is hard for some kids). If your child is really good at “dinosaur” introduce them to the names of the specific dinosaurs on each page. Sound them out slowly. Clap the syllables. Count the sounds. Great early literacy exercises!

2. Learn some new vocabulary. What do these words mean: drag, roughhouse, plunked, fidget, bully, tidies. If they can understand the meaning, see if your child can explain it back to you. Give examples or act it out!

3. Practice rhyming. The book is full of rhymes. Leave off the last word in a rhyming phrase and try to have your child guess the word. Or read both lines and have your child identify the two words that rhyme.

4. Talk about behaviors. Compare what a dinosaur does not do in school with what he does do in school. Why is important to follow the rules and be polite? Use some problem solving higher level thinking to figure out what would happen if we all followed the dinosaurs BAD examples.

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  1. I love those boooks too especially the ones about manners

  2. A book on manners for children is a great idea. You are never too young to start learning.

  3. We love the dinosaur books as well. And it is funny to see how seriously my boys take the sage advice given by these beasts (they don’t treat it so reverently when it comes from me).

  4. My boys LOVE dinosaurs right now, so they will love these. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. love these!

    my son has the one where they are sick, and the one where they learn to read…wonderful books!


  6. I might have to get that for Jay before kindergarten.

    At screening then mentioned something about his T’s or another letter that is harder to pronounce. How quickly I forget. I should call the counselor and work on it this summer.

  7. We do have that book–I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have a few of these books. They are excellent! Thanks for the ideas.

  9. I will look for those books. My son Eli can’t say l, he says w. He pronounces his name Ewi. Any suggestions on how to help with that?

  10. We have the one about the dinosaurs going to bed. It’s very funny! Even my older kids love it.

  11. I’ve loved these dinosaur books since the first time I read one. We only have two right now, but I’m sure we’ll be adding more to our collection. The illustrations just kill me! Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. We adore all those dinosaur books. My 4 year old little girl is very interested in everything dinos:)

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