Module 4, Lesson 2: Teacher & Parent Input

Teacher and parent input is some of the best information for writing an IEP. The classroom teacher sees the student daily and knows the ways in which he/she struggles or excels in the classroom. The teacher is your first line of defense and your partner in all things school-related. In addition, the parent is the one who makes the biggest impact on their child’s life. They know their child inside and out and have fears, concerns, and celebrations that they need to share with the IEP team.

1. Teacher input. By having teachers fill out a teacher input form and CCSS checklist way in advance, you can develop solid present levels. The teacher’s input should also be guiding you in creating goals. The forms below are great tools to get teachers to participate in the pre-IEP process. Note I have also added an “alternate teacher input form” if you have areas other than “reading, writing, math” on which you want teachers to give input. If you or your teachers prefer digital input options, use this Teacher Input Google form.

For some students that I case manage, I also ask teachers to fill out a Monthly Teacher Input Google form. This helps me to know what I need to tweak in terms of therapy throughout the year.

2. Parent input. Parents often need validation that their concerns and thoughts are very important to this process. By including a parent input form, you are welcoming them into the IEP process. These forms are especially useful if they are returned in advance of the IEP but are wonderful to receive at any time. If you or your families prefer digital input options, use this Parent Input Google form.

3. Use the input. Input is worthless unless you use it to develop goals and treatment! Remember that evidence-based practice includes not only research and clinical experience but also client values.

#shamelessplug: I have a business helping families navigate the special education process (Super IEP Coaching). My specialty area is working with families of children with complex needs (Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy) within early school years (PreK-2nd grade). I would be eternally grateful for you to spread the word to your families. I also would love to work with your administrators on creating district parent training. Please send me your administrator’s name/email so I can contact them. 🙂 

Resources for this lesson:


  1. Choose the teacher input form(s) that work best for your job.
  2. Create an “ideal” teacher input form.
  3. Show off a picture of your ideal form to the community!

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