Module 3, Lesson 1: Setting up for lesson planning

It’s time to start talking about lesson plans! For some people, this is the biggest organizational challenge that they have. Most people know that if they have a lesson plan in place, their days will run much more smoothly. There will be less running around and pulling things out of cabinets while frantically deciding what to do for the day. There is a sense of calm and peace that goes with having lesson plans. And even though you may not always stick with your plans, knowing that they are there relieves stress from the day.

Let me begin by saying that since I originally created this course, several fabulous “done for you” lesson plans and materials subscription sites have arisen. One service, Speech Therapy Talk, provides SLPs with very inexpensive weekly resources, so you have very little to plan! 

Personally, I’m a big fan of themed lesson plans. That’s why I created three sets of lesson plans for every month of the year. I do not, however, recommend that you just take someone else’s plans and blindly apply them to your own caseload. It is important to tweak things based on what is going on with your students, school, and (of course) IEP goals.

Here is my “lesson plan creation method”: 

1. Create lesson planning categories. You can use the labels I’ve included in the download (or not) to help you visually organize the boards. I recommend that you choose themes that you can stick with for at least a month. Create Pinterest boards based on these categories.

2. Pin 10 things. Do searches on Pinterest to find things that would work on your boards. You can scour things carefully for free (or cheap) or just dump everything in there and sort through them later.

3. Teachers Pay Teachers. Download at least five free items from TPT that will work with your categories. Keep them on your desktop because you will need them in the next lesson.


  1. Create lesson planning categories.
  2. Categorize boards on Pinterest (optional: Use my Pinterest covers).
  3. Pin at least 10 things to each board.
  4. Download at least 5 items from TPT.
  5. Share your finds with the community!

Link to ROADMAP for all lessons.

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