Module 2, Lesson 2: Leveling

In the last few years, I’ve come to realize how helpful it is to organize the types of goals that I am working on. Creating levels is not a means of labeling or limiting students. It is a way of thinking about goals and activities. It makes lesson planning and homework ideas so much easier! 

You can download the editable Google Sheet version of Super Organized Levels.


  • Emergent communication 1 (pre-intentional, limited symbolic language)
  • Emergent communication 2 (some cause/effect & joint attention; intentional but not conventional)
  • Basic communication (One to three-word communication)
  • Pre-K Language (Below Kindergarten CCSS)
  • Language Level 1 (Kindergarten-1st grade CCSS)
  • Language Level 2 (2nd-3rd grade CCSS)
  • Language Level 3 (4th-5th grade CCSS)
  • Language Level 4 (6th-8th grade CCSS)


  • Articulation Level 1 (Pre-readers, earlier developing sounds)
  • Articulation Level 2 (Readers, later developing sounds)
  • Fluency Level 1 (New to fluency therapy)
  • Fluency Level 2 (Seasoned fluency students)

Social Skills:

  • Social Skills Level 1 (Beginning perspective-taking)
  • Social Skills Level 2 (Intermediate perspective-taking)
  • Social Skills Level 3 (Advance social skills and nuances)

Here are examples of items that I’ve created with levels. Note that when the materials are leveled, I can do the same/similar activities with all of my students but make them appropriate to their goals.


  1. Assign a goal level for each student.
  2. Add that level to your caseload spreadsheet.
  3. Post in the community when you are done!

Link to ROADMAP for all lessons.

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