Module 1, Lesson 2: Caseload

Creating a caseload list is extremely important to do not only at the beginning of the year but to update monthly throughout the year. A caseload list gives you an easy way to sort students by name, grade, goal area, IEP date, evaluation date, and more! Although some IEP systems provide you with a caseload list, many lack all the information that you need. I recommend that you keep your own Caseload list in order to customize it.

Although there are multiple ways to create a caseload list, both Excel and Google sheets provide you with easy ways to sort, add columns, and customize.

1. Watch. View the video to watch how to make a caseload list using Google Sheets. 

2. Copy. Grab a copy of my Google Caseload TemplateYou can use this one, create your own, or use one from your job (IF it is customizable).

3. Create. Create your caseload list.

4. Pre-schedule. This next step is the difference between “getting by” and being an “organization master”. Look at your due dates. Then count back 4+ weeks (or 12+ weeks for pre-evaluations) and write down “schedule X’s IEP”. Take this seriously. If you really schedule way ahead of time there will be plenty of time to get everything done on each IEP. This is also a key time to look at your year. If you are loaded down with IEPs in one month, consider holding some of them a month or two early (if your district allows). Do not get yourself into a crunch time situation if you can help it!


  1. Create a real or mock caseload.
  2. Include “schedule by” dates.
  3. Play with the different sorting tools.
  4. Announce your great work in the community.

Link to ROADMAP for all lessons.

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