Greetings POWerful women!

I am so excited to be on this journey with you! Are are going to have an incredible four weeks of lessons and community!

Read the following before we get going:

What to expect from me and this course:

1. Weekly workbooks — The workbooks are a combination of lecture notes and assignments. These should be download at the beginning of each week. The forms within the workbooks are all fillable pdfs, just make sure that you open the workbooks using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

2. Daily videos — Videos are either of yourself or an computer presentation about that day’s topic. Most videos are less than five minutes.

3. Daily assignments — I have tried to keep assignments from Monday-Thursday relatively quick and easy. Friday’s assignments are longer. Ideally, work on Friday’s assignment over the weekend. If necessary, you can begin these assignments when the four week course is complete.

What I expect from you:

1. Do your best to keep up to date. I know that many students in this course are working full time and caring for a family or partner. I get it. I have designed this course to be doable for even the busiest of women.

2. Try everything. You don’t have to stick with any of my worksheets or routines, but give it a try before dismissing it outright.

3. Celebrate every mini-victory!

I look forward to this amazing four weeks with you!

**Disclaimer: Some of the workbook pages contain Amazon affiliate links.**

Link to all lessons in the Roadmap (HERE).

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